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Become FireSmart: Firefighters

Does your department respond to brush, grass or forest fires?

Find more information about FireSmart principles and firefighter safety training and tips. Explore documents and videos related to structure protection, interface fire suppression tactics, safe evacuation practices and more.
Getting started with FireSmart

Eager to work with your community to be safer from wildfire? Partners in Protection Canada have developed several education products to inspire FireSmart actions:

Check out our Resources page for more educational materials you can share with your community.


Watch these videos to learn more about wildfire behavior, how to use water effectively in your fire response, and how to keep yourself and fellow firefighters safe when fighting wildland fire.

Useful Resources

Protecting Your Community from Wildfire

This manual provides individuals with the necessary tools in planning and in mitigating the risk of fire in interface…

FireSmart Guide to Landscaping

By making some strategic choices in your yard your can create a FireSmart landscape. The manual includes an extensive…

Area Assessment

This form will help you to assess the hazards present lands adjacent to your home.

Site Assessment

This form will help you to assess the hazards present around home and structures.

I am committed to always keep a watchful eye on fire pits and burn barrels when they are in use.

— My name is J. Nelson, Community Member, Mill Bay, British Columbia