FireSmart Canada

What is FireSmart?

FireSmart is living with and managing for wildfire on our landscape.

Preparing for the threat of wildfire is a shared responsibility. From home owners, to industry and  government we all have responsibility to lessen the effects of wildfire. Wildland Urban Interface is a popular term used to describe an area where structures and forested areas meet.

Simply put, Wildland Urban Interface is where the urban lifestyle meets environments that are prone to wildfire. By choosing to extend our lifestyle and communities further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildfire.

FireSmart Canada helps you understand the potential of wildfire affecting your home and your community.


Components of the Wildland Urban Interface

Through partnerships, you can achieve your goals in an effective and timely manner. For example, your neighbour, community association, local industries, local municipal government, municipal fire department, local advisory committees and local wildfire management agency personnel can all be involved.

These partnerships play an important role in understanding how to manage wildfire in the Wildland Urban Interface. Partners in Protection Canada is a not for profit organization that brings these partners under one umbrella with the common goal to reduce the threat of wildfire.

The seven FireSmart disciplines help us to address the threat of wildfire:

  • Education
  • Vegetation management
  • Legislation and planning
  • Development considerations
  • Interagency cooperation
  • Emergency planning
  • Cross training

FireSmart – Protection Your Community From Wildfire has detailed information on each of these disciplines.


Who is FireSmart?

Many individuals work together to build a FireSmart Canada each with unique approaches and challenges.

Are you a community member?
Are you a community leader?
Are you a firefighter?
Are you an industry partner?


FireSmart Canada strives to help you find the information and resources you need to become FireSmart.

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FireSmart – Protecting Your Community From Wildfire
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How to become FireSmart:

I am committed to distribute information about FireSmart to my community.

— Cheryl Wigemyr, Community Leader, Ashcroft, British Columbia