FireSmart Canada

Development Considerations

FireSmart development standards help manage the wildfire reality by reducing the flammability of structures.

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing community or building a new one you can make strategic choice for building materials and community designs.

Always consider:
  • Are the construction of new homes or subdivisions “FireSmart”?
  • Assess the infrastructure as it relates to roadway access, water supply, utilities placement, building materials and design, and forested areas adjacent and within the community.

FireSmart – Protection Your Community From Wildfire has detailed information on development considerations in Chapter 3: Solutions and Mitigations.

Protecting Your Community from Wildfire

This manual provides individuals with the necessary tools in planning and in mitigating the risk of fire in interface…

How to become FireSmart:

I am committed to have nearby water supply for emergencies.

— Lorna butts, Community Member, Yellowhead county, Alberta