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Become FireSmart: Planning and Development

Planners, builders, landscape architects, developers, designers, engineers, and architects – can play a major role when it comes to addressing safety in fire-prone environments.

Rethinking key planning components can help to work towards FireSmart community:

  • Parks and open spaces – think about the opportunity for a fire break.
  • Area structure plan – think about the opportunity to integrate FireSmart concepts.
  • Architectural guidelines – think about the opportunity to require fire-resistant building materials.

Keeping FireSmart principles in mind throughout the site planning and design, construction, and development phases ensures that communities are better prepared for the next wildfire.

Learn more about how you can integrate FireSmart concepts into community planning in FireSmart – Protecting Your Community from Wildfire – Chapter 7 – Land Use Planning.

I commit to ensure my roof is free of needles and leaves, and there are no overhanging trees or branches that can catch on fire

— Goatman, Community Member, Gander, Newfound Land and Labrador