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Become FireSmart: Industry Partners

Who are Industry FireSmart Partners?

Industry FireSmart Partners are industrial and commercial companies and operators who conduct business or operate in a forested or grassland environment.

Why is FireSmart important to Industrial and commercial operations?

Dozens of companies are negatively impacted every year by wildfires in the form of shut-ins, site evacuations and direct loss to due damaged or destroyed infrastructure.  Liability and financial losses may also occur if a company or operator is found responsible for causing wildfires. In 2011 alone wildfire impacts on the industry in Alberta contributed to a 3.6% reduction in oil and gas extraction in the second quarter due to evacuations, production shut-ins, and construction halts.

Learn more about:

  1. Reducing the impact of wildfires on your operations
  2. Reducing liability from causing wildfires
  3. Improving worker safety during emergency wildfires
  4. FireSmart tools for Industry Partners

I commit to prune the first two metres of branches on tree trunks

— Mark Teasdale, Community Member, Parson, British Columbia