Become FireSmart: FireSmart Tools for Industry Partners

FireSmart Guidebook for the Oil and Gas Industry

This guidebook introduces wildfire management at the site level by:

  • Enhancing emergency response capability
  • Mitigating economic impact during shutdowns
  • Mitigating infrastructure loss or damage
  • Reducing liability for industry-caused ignitions

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Wildfire Prevention Best Management Practices manual

The Best Management Practices are to be used collectively by the upstream oil and gas industry to assist them in the prevention of industry caused wildfires, and to mitigate the impact of catastrophic fires on industry infrastructure operations, liability, personal safety, and the environment.

I commit to promote the FireSmart Community Champion Workshops throughout the Fraser Fire Zone region and assist neighbourhoods in achieving FireSmart Recognition. I also commit as a Local FireSmart Representative to assisting any communities who ask for assizztance in bringing the FireSmart Program to their communities and neighbourhoods.

— Lynn Orstad, Community Leader, Chilliwack, British Columbia