Improving Worker Safety During Wildfires | FireSmart Canada

Become FireSmart: Improving Worker Safety During Wildfires

Ensuring worker safety while on the job is a number one priority for industry and governments.

When extreme burning conditions persist in wildland environments, wildfires may travel dozens of miles in one day at rates over 100 meters per minute. Such extreme wildfire events pose a risk to those working in wildland environments.

If your company operates in a wildfire environment, the safety of your workers could be compromised and may require that they stop work for a period of time. A site evacuation may be required.

A wildfire may compromise worker safety in the following ways:

  • Smoke emanating from the wildfire may reduce air quality conditions at a worksite requiring the site to be evacuated.
  • The wildfire may directly overrun the facility and damage forcing an evacuation.

I commit to use only Class A, B or C rated fire resistant roofing material

— Lisa Gallic, Community Member, Tseshaht First Nation , British Columbia