This Community Wildfire Hazard Assessment form provides a written evaluation of the overall community wildfire hazard – the prevailing condition of structures, adjacent vegetation and other factors affecting the FireSmart status of a small community or neighbourhood. This hazard is based on the hazard factors and FireSmart recommended guidelines found in FireSmart: Protecting Your Community from Wildfire (Partners in Protection, 2003) and will assist the Local FireSmart Representative in preparing the FireSmart Community Assessment Report. NOTE: Mitigation comments refer to the degree to which the overall community complies or fails to comply with FireSmart recommended guidelines with respect to each hazard factor.

1. Roof Assemblies

2. Building Exterior Materials

3. Vegetation

3.1 PZ-1: Vegetation 0 - 10m from structure Page Reference 3-5

3.2 PZ-2: Vegetation 10 - 30m from structures Page Reference 3-9

3.3 PZ-3: Vegetation 30 - 100m from structures Page Reference 3-13 Provide mitigation comments on the prevailing PZ3 fuel type

4. Topography

4.1 Slope (within 100m of structures)

4.2 Buildings setback on slopes >30 %, position on slope

5. Infrastructure – Access / Egress, Roads, Driveways and Signage

5.1 Access Routes – Road Layout To FireSmart Recommended Guideline?

5.2 Roads- width, grade, curves, bridges and turnarounds

5.4 Fire Service Access / Driveways Grade, Width/Length, Turnarounds

5.5 Street Signs / House Numbers

6. Fire Suppression Water Supply, Fire Service, Homeowner Capability

6.1 Water Supply

6.2 Fire Service

6.3 Homeowners' Suppression Equipment

7. Fire Ignition and Prevention - Utilities, Chimneys, Burn Barrel / Fire Pit, Ignition Potential

7.1 Utilities

7.2 Chimneys, Burn Barrel / Fire Pit

7.3. Ignition Potential - Provide mitigation comments on items a-d as applicable

General Comments