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FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program

Citizen involvement is the cornerstone of the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program (FireSmart Communities Program).

If you live in a region susceptible to wildfires, you and your neighbours will learn how to decrease the risk of losing your homes and how to best protect yourselves in the event of a wildfire.

FireSmart homes and neighbourhoods allow firefighters to concentrate on fighting the wildfire – which ultimately saves more homes and lives.
Communities whose residents take steps to reduce their vulnerability have a greater chance of surviving a wildfire without the intervention of the fire department.

The Program draws on a community’s spirit and its willingness to take responsibility for reducing wildfire risks.

The Program utilizes the following template:

  • A Local FireSmart Representative from a provincial, territorial, or local agency will provide wildfire hazard reduction information designed for your community.
  • With the assistance of the Local FireSmart Representative, you and your neighbours form a cooperating network to assess the wildfire hazards around you.
  • You and your neighbours identify and implement local solutions.

I commit to remove all long grass, shrubs, logs, branches, twigs and needles within 10 metres of my home

— Angie Ross, Community Member, West Kelowna, British Columbia