Recognition Criteria

What are the Recognition Criteria?

Neighbourhoods, subdivisions, and small towns in areas of Canada prone to wildfire can earn FireSmart Community recognition status by meeting the following criteria:
  • Enlisting a wildland/urban interface specialist to complete an assessment and create a plan that identifies locally agreed-upon solutions that the community can implement.
  • Sponsoring a local FireSmart Board which maintains the FireSmart Community Plan and tracks its progress or status.
  • Conducting FireSmart Events each year that are dedicated to a local FireSmart project.
  • Investing a minimum of $2.00 annually per capita in local FireSmart Community efforts. This is surprisingly easy to do since volunteer time is credited at $21 per hour (2013 amount).
  • Submitting an annual report to FireSmart Canada documenting continuing compliance with the program.
  • If your community has a headstart on FireSmart already and can document your efforts, this can also be recognized.

I commit to Keep all the required equipment maintained and ready to use in event of a wildfire near my or my neighbors homes. Keep all flammable material away from side of house or deck.

— Heather Gairdner, Community Member, Fort Nelson, British Columbia