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FireSmart Community Champion Workshops


Neighbourhood leaders that wish to implement the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program (FCCRP) in their neighbourhood or community by serving in the role of Community Champions (FCC’s) are the primary target audience.

These individuals are:

  • Resident advocates for wildfire safety in their community /neighbourhood;
  • Interested in working with their neighbours towards FireSmart Community recognition status by participating in the FCCRP;


This workshop will assist Community Champions – neighbourhood leaders – to initiate the process of attaining FireSmart Community recognition status.
The half-day workshop provides participants with the information and tools required to motivate your neighbours to work with local fire agency staff to make their homes and communities less vulnerable to wildfire.


The FCCRP – Community Champion workshop will assist participants:

  • to understand the step-by-step procedures used to implement the FCCRP in your neighbourhood.
  • to fulfill all Community Champion duties in support of the FCCRP in your community.
  • to motivate and organize your neighbours in reducing the potential for wildfire losses.


The half-day workshop provides 5 modules with exercises that cover basic Wildland Urban Interface background information and the 8-step FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program.

I commit to Education both private property municipal property I.e. parks,rec facilities

— Ruth Martin Williams, Community Leader, Yellowhead County, Alberta