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FireSmart Canada Executive Director

Our long-time Executive Director, Kelly Johnston has recently handed in his resignation, effective November 30. The Board of Directors values and recognizes the tremendous contributions that Kelly has made to the organization, including the launch of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and the FireSmart Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Program. Kelly’s efforts have been incredible and he has worked tirelessly to move the program forward. Thank you, Kelly!

We are extremely excited to announce that Kelly has agreed to stay on as our FireSmart Technical Advisor. This role will include representing FireSmart Canada on several national technical committees and reviewing new program, resource and tool development. This ongoing partnership and collaboration is something we value tremendously.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting the Executive Director position and would appreciate our partners sharing the position within their respective networks.  Laura Stewart, President, FireSmart Canada will cover the Executive Director duties after November 30, until the position is filled.

FireSmart Home Development Video

FireSmart Canada recently released our second new FireSmart video, in partnership with The Co-operators. The video can we viewed on YouTube, here


We have already started work on our next video and look forward to sharing it with you in our next newsletter!


Development of Indigenous-informed FireSmart Canada Booklet

Partners in Protection has produced various publications for segments of the population at risk to wildland fire, including municipalities, neighbourhoods, homeowners, farm and acreage owners, and the oil and gas industry. However, Indigenous neighbourhoods remain untargeted by Partners in Protection, even though 80% of Indigenous neighbourhoods in Canada are located in forested regions at risk to wildland fire. Indigenous neighbourhoods are unique to other neighbourhoods due to cultural, jurisdictional, and home/land ownership differences. Therefore, targeted publications are necessary to include Indigenous neighbourhoods in the FireSmart Canada movement.

Utilizing principles from the “Two-Eyed Seeing” approach, FireSmart Canada is currently embarking on a national initiative developing an Indigenous-informed FireSmart Canada booklet – which integrates and recognizes Western FireSmart principles alongside Indigenous wildfire prevention and risk reduction approaches and wise practices.  Numerous stakeholders (such as Elders, neighbourhood members, BC First Nations Emergency Services’ Society, Assembly of First Nations, and the Canadian Forest Service) will collaborate with FireSmart Canada to write and produce up to a 20-25 double-sided page booklet for Indigenous neighbourhood leaders across Canada.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2019

FireSmart Canada, along with The Co-operators, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction and the National Fire Protection Association are getting ready to launch the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2019 campaign soon! Applications will open on January 14, 2019, and we hope you can all share this exciting opportunity with all of your neighbourhood contacts. Stay tuned for more information!

FireSmart Research

FireSmart Canada is leading several FireSmart research projects that we have listed, below:

  • Post-fire assessment model
  • Cost comparison and cost-benefit analysis between a new typical home build and a home built following FireSmart development guidelines.
  • Socioeconomic research into the perception of risk, risk communication, behavior change, and how to best promote the adaptation of FireSmart principles for homeowners and neighbourhoods.
  • Exploring why landowners, municipalities, planners, developers and the construction industry are not applying FireSmart – what are the barriers and how do we overcome them?

Contact us directly with any questions on these research projects. president@firesmartcanada.ca

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