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FireSmart Home Partners

FireSmart® Home Partners is a voluntary property assessment program that helps residents identify specific actions they can take on their property to reduce wildfire risks.
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There are currently two types of FireSmart® Home Assessments

FireSmart®  Comprehensive Home Assessment – this assessment may be scheduled and is conducted by a qualified FireSmart® assessor. Click “Schedule an Assessment” below to schedule

FireSmart® Initial Home Assessment – If this type of assessment was undertaken, you will receive an access code either by email or mail which will enable you to review the report. This type of assessment is currently unavailable to schedule.

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Did you receive an access code to review your FireSmart® Initial Home Assessment details? Enter the code below to download your FireSmart® Initial Home Assessment report.

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Would you like to schedule a free comprehensive assessment?

Click on Schedule an assessment to have a qualified FireSmart® professional conduct a comprehensive review of your property at no charge

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Download the free FireSmart®  Begins at Home app to conduct your own self-assessment.