FireSmart Begins at Home

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Wildfires are a natural part of wildland ecosystems.

Without wildfire, the landscape loses its diversity. Wildfires recycle nutrients, help plants reproduce and create a mosaic of vegetation that provides habitat for a variety of wildlife.

FireSmart helps protect homes and neighbourhoods from the threat of wildfire while balancing the benefits of wildfire on the landscape.

By extending our lifestyles and neighbourhoods further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildfire. Living where wildfires can occur puts your home at risk, but it is possible to live safely with this natural event. Taking simple FireSmart actions on your property will reduce the risk of wildfire to your home and neighbourhood and help firefighters to defend your home.


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Download the FireSmart Begins at Home App

The FireSmart® Begins at Home app’s primary purpose is to engage homeowners in voluntary wildfire mitigation activities by offering a self-conducted home assessment. The app guides homeowners through a series of questions about their property to help residents identify specific actions they can take on their property to reduce wildfire risks.