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Ciscoe on: Fire—Communities Taking Action

Ciscoe Morris talks about communities in the wildland urban interface, where the trees meet the eaves. It’s important for homeowners to be prepared in the event of a wildfire. It will help your entire community to be more resistant to wildfire.

Ciscoe on: Fire—Fire Resistant Homes

Ciscoe Morris talks about construction techniques to help make your house more resistant to wildfire. There are many things you can do to protect your home.

Logan Lake – In our Defence

Logan Lake has taken extensive FireSmart actions. Learn about their journey with FireSmart and their relationship with wildfire.

How to FireSmart Your Home

This video was developed by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. This video shows most of the major steps to be taken to make your house more resilient to approaching wildfires. Particularly useful for people who live in or nearby heavily forested areas

Are you FireSmart – Thin to Win

This video from researchers will show you how fire burn in a forest where FireSmart recommendations have been implemented. Two case studies who you how fire burns.

FireSmart Opener

This video was developed in Alberta and demonstrates how wildland and structural fire fighters respond when a wildland-urban

interface occurs.


Are You FireSmart?

Burn trials from the Northwest Territories demonstrate how fire burns in an area with and without FireSmart treatments. See how fire acts in the wildland-urban interface.