Vegetation Management

Vegetation management addresses the wildfire reality by decreasing the amount of vegetation that can fuel a wildfire.

Wildfire is a natural part of our landscape and effectively managing vegetation can help reduce the risk of wildfire.

Trees, woody vegetation, and dry grassy areas are typically considered to be types of fuel for wildfire. Managing vegetation can lessen the risk of wildfire.

This can be accomplished by:
  • Thinning and pruning
  • Removing volatile trees such as spruce and planting fire-resistant species such as aspen (species conversion)
  • The construction of fuel breaks
  • General cleanup in and around your property

FireSmart – Protecting Your Community From Wildfire has detailed information on vegetation management in Chapter 3: Solutions and Mitigations.


FireSmart Guide to Landscaping

Protecting Your Community from Wildfire

I commit to have nearby water supply for emergencies

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